Go haze gray and get underway

Creative Journeys in FSX &P3D

Meet the developer
Haze Gray Studios is a new venture that is focused on creating quality 'military-themed' add-on content for FSX and P3D, both freeware and payware.  Our 'flagship' product FLEET TRAFFIC: US Navy has been available since the end of November, 2017.
The name is chosen from the phrase 'haze gray and underway', an obvious reference to the US Navy (in which I served), and is meant to serve as a small tribute (or if nothing else a demonstration of respect) to all those in our Armed Forces for all that they do.

Altough it is really just me at this stage, it is not totally accurate to call Haze Gray Studios a one-man show.  I have good relationships with 3-d modellers that work on contract and beta-testers and promotional video artists have already been granted 'permission to come aboard.'

Our primary focus right now is putting out a small patch to make some minor improvements and fix some typo errors on our first product, now that it has been out for a couple of months. 

Once we get our ships properly underway, with a good patch, we will turn our focus back to some scenery projects.

First up will be some simple (but free) naval station sceneries, to provide more accurate parking for the fleet.  Then we move on from there.

My vision for new HG Studio content is adding value by introducing quality visuals and functionality, while achieving good compatibility with your favorite military addons.

So run down to the mess and grab a cup of whatever you like, and have a look around.
Prepare to get underway...
This area will describe the nature of the FS projects that I am working on, or will be resuming work on.

So watch this space - after our first project is released.
Fleet Traffic: US Navy
This is our first major payware project.  Be sure to see the product page for details and a promo video shot in the sim.
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Seaport Scenery
What good is a quality AI Navy without ports to visit?  This is an area that is seriously lacking on FSX/P3D.  And they will be free!
Airbase Scenery
Not limited to Naval Air Stations or even the US military.