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Fleet Traffic:  US Navy

Learn more about what is included with our initial product offering, and what features and benefits it has to offer!
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  1. Performance
    All ships are FPS optimized for enjoyment while flying in FSX and P3D. Fly over San Diego or Norfolk, with a dozen or more ships in port, without your computer crashing.
  2. Interactive
    There are a few basic animations on some of the larger capital ships that can be triggered on demand, allowing the user to interact with ships in sim. Open a well deck door on an amphibious assault ship and drive your amphibious vehicle (not included) inside.
  3. Easy to Use
    The product provides a simple installer for the ships and the AI traffic routes, but that is not all. Handy documentation is provided to help you to locate your fleet units at sea.
  4. Comprehensive
    No longer are you going to be limited to a small handful of ships, that you need to locate and download from various locations on the internet. Here you have all the hull numbers, over 250 of them, all in one download.
  5. Compatible
    Ships work in concert with the Tacpack configuration tool from Vertical Reality Simulations, and a handful of VRS Tacpack scenario .tps files are provided. You can also use the ships with some of the more popular freeware utilities out there, such as AI Carries and the RFN Gauge.
  6. Future Upgrades
    While offering great value as an AI traffic package add-on product, these ships will also serve as a test-bed platform to explore and enhance what can be done with naval aviation ops in FSX & Prepar3d.
Get Underway
Meet the Fleet
Fleet Traffic: US Navy includes 19 classes of US Navy surface warships (all landable but one) ranging from destroyers to amphibians to aircraft carriers, plus 3 classes of US Navy submarines.  With the hull numbers depicted, you get scheduled traffic for over 250 surface ships and submarines operating from their home ports.  Plus you get 99 saved flights the get you started!  So meet the fleet and get underday!